bloody toad (corpuscle) wrote,
bloody toad


i turned 30 on august 4th.
presents that i want:
1.a tatoo on my head (maybe something tank-girl related, but not sexist.. maybe the tank- in color and designed with my friend megan.. a sentient, silly, powerful and potent tank.. and queer.. and it has to be a tank that is seriousish sometimes.. or rather, it is serious to me or at least i aspire to it.. but i also maybe want/need something loving/sillyish to go with it.. or maybe 3 things cuz i prefer triads to biads.. )
2.a set of bicycle wheels
3.a bicycle finding health finding a martial arts teacher
7.thai fisherman pants
7.5 a nose ring and piercing
8.kisses - at least some of them have to be make-out kisses..
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